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its been forever since i've been on. Mainly my new job i found or more like i finally got a job. been there two weeks and it seems alright but better than most jobs i've had. 

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These events take place sometime after the digital world was attacked.

1- Cryptic destiny: Toshihiro kisho is a twenty six year old man of no notable importance, just a regular person getting by in life. His daily routine consist of computer games, internet, social media and his job at com guys a small but notable company worth its price for great service. Any ways this is his story about his crazed obsession taking over his life and how he became a digi destined the most notable aspect of such a plain life.
It was one pm on a Saturday, toshi was on the internet as always, being single he had no real responsibilities but paying his bills and his job at com guys. He was on a group chat site called "monster report" he had been a long time member always digging for anything related to the past events when he was younger, "How long has it been since that day...about twenty years or so I was six at the time. My memory is so clear of that day. Man was it amazing yet scary." He typed to the two in the chat. He'd known these two for a quite some time. One lived in America and one in Japan which he has met several times. Toshi typed "There were large monsters everywhere, we had to evacuate since it was obviously dangerous. But I won't forget the ones that saved us, three large monsters and its friends claiming to be good guys, they fought off many of the attacking monsters that almost destroyed our town, luckily me and my family made it to safety, but I heard others weren't so lucky...guess good guys can only protect so many." He hit the enter button and waited for their replies. (Monster report was a site created by a reporter interested in myths or strange occurrences) Jun replied "Wow! That's crazy!  I remember something's too, but only some since my memory is bad.” Damond typed "Oh, shit! That's crazy, I've seen these things too, but you remembered some specific things, very interesting. Toshi replied “Ha-ha, yeah guys I should have said so long ago, but I didn't think y'all believe me. I would love to hear what you both have seen and experienced at that time. Be right back I'm ordering a pizza." Toshi then goes to his phone and notices a text from an unknown number saying "Dig deep for it." Toshi was confused wondering “What the hell is this? Must be a prank or some hacker trolling?" He ignores it then calls for a pizza delivery. Meanwhile, Jun and damond are making small talk till toshi came back; toshi was a bit paranoid by the odd message so he took a quick look outside his windows, "Hm, no one strange out and why would you stalk someone in broad daylight? Must have been a prank, oh well back to my computer." He then sits down and types "Ok I'm back guys! So tell me what y’all can remember." Jun replied quickly "Me first, but seriously here's what I can recall. It was just like toshi said the year’s thing, except me and my family were headed for a safe zone, all was good till we heard gun shots and screaming about half way to the safe zone. Two monsters had attacked so suddenly, one was a type of dragon and the other was a type of oversized tiger or lion. The military tried holding them off, but only so much could stop those things. The only artillery were tanks and infantry, it was a massacre. Screams and death filled the air, cars flying and crashing, people being crushed or eaten. I stared in terror unable to move or help, our car was stuck of course, so we had to run, but they were too fast! I and my parents were lucky to be saved by aircrafts called in for backup, they bombarded the monsters sending them running, however…the casualties in that area were high. Not even forty percent of those people made it and that's all I remember." Damond typed back "That's horrible. Good thing these monsters aren't around then, right?" Toshi was surprised by the words and typed "Holy crap I thought I had it bad! At least some people made it back, the military can't be blamed they did their job and suffered the same as us." Jun then typed "So damond what was it like in America?" Damond typed "Well I can't top that ha, but I was out playing at a park, my parents were out of town and a babysitter, a close friend of theirs watched me.  We heard sirens and cops saying to evacuate, but I stupidly ran to hide from the sitter thinking it'd be fun...was I wrong. People panicked and ran for their cars, pushing and trampling over others. My sitter was forced to leave without me. I had been taken by the cops to a safe area transported by vehicle of course, but on the way there I saw them. The monsters fighting military and each other, it was strange, but when we got stopped by a blockade of military, I decided to get away from the cops to see if I can get a closer look out of childish curiosity. No one noticed me leave because they were arguing over stupid things, I got a good look at what a war would be like, but was I wrong about how cool the army was and monster's. I got so scared that I ran back and to the cops that had been looking for me. When I was about a few minutes away from the blockade…I came across them, they were dead...I had no idea what to do then a monster noticed me, it was a type of robotic horse with a type of arm cannon with blood on its armor. This must have killed them, it got real close ready to shoot me. I just stared terrified then suddenly, a flying red bird like monster with a human riding it attacked it, and the human was giving it orders. The boy told me to run while they distracted it, so I went straight to the blockade where those soldiers were at. I ran not looking back, found help and was reunited with my babysitter and that's it." Toshi typed "Wow you both had close encounters. I'm jealous but then again not." Jun replied "You were lucky toshi! And damond you said a boy and his monster saved you? Hm, interesting, some other people had similar experiences on the forums also." Toshi is pulled from the conversation by the sound of a door bell ringing. Toshi quickly typed “Got to go pizzas here! We can get back on this later, bye guys!" Damond & Jun both agree and go offline. Toshi answers the door and pays the driver and spends the rest of his day eating and watching anime. Around one thirty in the morning he decides to go to bed since he has to be at work by noon. He lays there thinking about what his friends said and then, strangely his phone gets a text again, he grabs the phone from a small desk that sat next to his bed and reads it "It’s from that unknown number again!? What the fuck?" he thought. The text said "We are waiting for you and your friends until the time comes." This message sent chills through him "Who the hell is watching us and why start now....maybe I should tell the others and start looking into this?  Maybe I'll find answers, but after I sleep and get off work." Toshi then dozes off with much on mind.

1-2: Jun michiko is a twenty six year old woman, knows English and taught some to her friend toshi, she works and trains as a martial arts instructor, with eighteen years of experience she can take anyone in a fight if needed with various arts, she lives alone as well, has notable merits in her dojo and has a pet cat to keep her company, her days consist of going out with her friends to wherever they take her, but most of her time revolves around the martial arts and traveling to other dojo's when she feels like it. When at home she just lazes around or goes to see what's new in stores or plays around on internet chat rooms.
One day Jun was training in her house and remembers toshi is off today "Maybe he'll be on that crazy monster report site." She thought. So she decides to log in to her account named "master jun" she scrolls through a few reports and stories, strangely more people have been posting similar sounding stories and experiences of that day. A ring sound is heard from her computer, an invite to a chat pops up. She sees its toshi’s name "monster hacker" she accepts and the long conversation is cut short when toshi’s pizza arrives. After that Jun was kind of bummed out from remembering the monsters and their terror, so she goes out to the mall in simple clothing, a short white shirt with no sleeves and simple blue geans with a brown leather belt, to try and take her mind off things. But shortly after she left, she gets a text from an unknown number saying “It will soon happen again." Her eyes widen, her heart stops and she thinks "What is this? I think I'll stay home today and how can someone know?” She took a second to try and reassure herself “I’m not about to let some random text ruin my day.” Ignoring the text she goes out and about shopping, seeing what's new and big in this day and age. She had been out of state for a month due to her traveling and training at other dojos. Eleven at night hits, its night and people are going home. She decides to go home as well after reading a few headlines while sitting at a table in a food court, she then notices one in particular saying “monsters are real!" To sum it up an eyewitness reports seeing a dinosaur like creature out in a mountainous area while passing through. The man claims it appeared out of nowhere for a minute then suddenly vanished. So far no one believes him since no physical evidence has been able to back this up." Jun was somewhat surprised and takes it home with her to share it on monster report tomorrow, “A thirty minute walk home at night…boy how fun." she thought.” Jun walks down the stairs to exit the mall, newspaper in hand, while blending in with the crowd she felt like someone was following her but thought it was just her imagination "I must be paranoid from all those stories I hear on the internet.” She thought. She exits the mall and starts her walk home with a cool breeze blowing throughout the night, about fifteen minutes away from home now. All was good till she got to an oddly quiet part of town, not a person in sight and the street lights were dim lit while some flickered, and it gave an eerie feeling. "This looks real strange, maybe I should take the long way home...screw it I'm not scared" she thought. So she continues down the dark poorly lit road, as she reaches an intersection she felt a man behind her put his arms around her, holding her arms down and says in a cold calm voice "Give me your money bitch or something a little more." He then pulls a knife out, but before he could get it near her she drops down throwing him off balance and causing him to lose his lock on her. She quickly turns around and the hooded man lunges at her, she steps under and behind him, wasting no time she kicks him right on the side of his stomach. The hooded man is winded and tries a desperate swing at her. She sways under and easily grabs his knife hand then disarms him and ends it with an elbow to his face. The hooded man was now unconscious, Jun joked about how pathetic the man’s attempt was, “Was that a fight or basic training, ha-ha! I better call the cops and walk away.” She calls the cops on her cell phone then continued walking home feeling confident, “Tonight was great! I can't wait to tell them about this." She thought as she walked home. She's finally home and is greeted by her cat rubbing on her leg, "I know you missed me whiskey." Whiskey replied with a simple "meow." She takes off her shoes and picks up whiskey then proceeds to her room, still holding the newspaper, she looks at it again and thinks "Should I really post it now....screw it tomorrow." She puts it by her computer and puts whiskey on the bed, Jun sighs from boredom "Guess I'll shower then sleep." After her shower her phone went off, Jun picks it up and answers with "Hello?" The phone makes an odd screech that was barely understandable then hangs up. Jun was confused by this and the number doesn't show, "What the fuck!? That's weird, but I swear I heard something say we need you, but the rest is static or weird sounds." Jun had no idea what this meant, but all she did was think on it before she fell asleep, plus that text earlier made her think more of it.

1-3 Damond parker is a twenty eight year old man, lives in America, he works for ljn news, because he always wanted to be the first to see new things going on in the world and always looks for any interesting things going on like murder scenes and such. He’ll often sneak around with his camera crew or alone at any place that is off limits or seems shady, but the job wasn't always as exciting as he'd liked. Damonds idea of fun is going to a gun range or doing things that get his adrenaline going, that's his way of escaping a sometimes boring career. He goes out on weekends to party if able to and usually attracts a crowd especially women. Damond is a typical thrill seeker, lives alone and created the "monster report" site since he thought it'd lead to interesting stories and because he couldn't forget the past event.
Damond was finally home from a boring day at work, he decided to check his web site for any interesting reports or stories. He signs into his account named "I made this!” As he browses through forums and messages and some spammed pages, he then saw a new post that claims you have a better chance of seeing these monsters at night. Damond was interested in the post and reads it, it goes on about how convenient it is that these creatures usually appear in odd places then vanish shortly after. Some even say these creatures cause electrical interferences when in our world. “Maybe I’ll try it, but it gives no locations so it could be a troll.” he thought, anyways an invite to a group chat came up. It was from one of his Japanese friends, he joins Jun & toshi for a long talk. After that walk through memory lane he logs out now bored out of his mind, "what to do today...I'm off tomorrow so go out or shooting?" He took a few minutes to think on it, “Screw it, shooting range and I'll buy a new gun today." He grabs his Para pro custom fourteen point forty five semi-auto pistol and his sako eighty five Finn light st bolt action rifle. After stuffing all his ammunition and weapons into a large sack, he jumps right into his car without a second thought. As he's driving through the hot weather with that one annoying radio station playing, his phone gets a text. The traffic was very heavy with constant stopping and going because of the traffic lights, since he lived more in town it made his simple trip very difficult, people crossing roads and other vehicles drove impatiently. Damond got annoyed and sped past a red light and cut people off, “Fucking stupid heat and radio! Damn phone! Get the fuck out of my way!" Many cars honked and flicked him off as he drove like a stunt driver, but of course he wasn’t one. He took much risk and went for any open lane he could. Damond finally got past all the lights and traffic, the road was more open with less business and people. He excitingly said "Woo! That was fun." He was relieved of his frustration and had arrived at the gun range shortly after. He parks on the rocky dirt ground and then gets out of his car, “Finally time for some real fun." After getting his guns out and paying the fee, the time flew as he shot countless rounds of both weapons. A few hours later the sun sets in the horizon, he takes a minute to realize how much time has passed and then remembered the text he got. Damond checks his phone and an unknown number sent this odd message "We are waiting, now find us." it said. Damond was curious of it and stupidly replied to it with "What nigga?" But strangely, the message he sent got sent back to him by the unknown number, damond was now confused and kind of freaked out, "Ok? I'm definitely telling Jun and toshi about this." After that weird shit, he saw the sun set further into the horizon and decided to leave. On his way home he decided to stop by a gun store along the way, the ride there was easy and fast unlike earlier. Damond arrived at the large sporting goods store, he walks through the automatic glass windowed doors, passing small groups of people standing around or sitting on the wood benches. He is greeted by the usual employees and one employee asked if he’s looking for anything in specific today. Damond replied "Actually yes, do you have any Uzi's?" the Employee then said "Yes we do, but we only got three left." Damond was happy to hear and asked “How much are they?" The employee then proceeded to a nearby computer, "Uhm let's see, about two hundred to three hundred for a mini." The employee said. "Sure I'll take one." Damond replied. After making the transaction he looks around more and makes small talk with other people about guns, the sun soon goes down and damond decides to head home now. A quiet drive home with his radio on, the night is cool and peaceful. Damond drove on the highway to avoid traffic, all is normal, until his radio starts acting up. "Must be a bad signal?" he thought. The radio seemed to fade in and out, and then a static voice is heard screaming from the radio, it sounded as if something was going berserk and spoke of nonsensical gibberish. Damond quickly turned off the radio and decided not to worry about it and kept driving, the ride home was over and he got all his stuff out and ready to be put away. The neighborhood was very quiet and peaceful as always, he stood at the foot of his door on his phone, and the lamp post lit the quiet street with house lights as well. His home had a wooden fence around it for his own privacy. Before going inside he remembered that post that said something about night being the best time. He figured it may be right and tried calling that unknown number, but this time the phone rang and suddenly disconnected, damond was disappointed, “Ok? That didn't do anything." Shortly after, a strange shape of data flowed from his phones screen, damond dropped the phone in shock of the abnormal event, the malformed data soon took shape of a demon warrior like creature, and it stood tall gripping a long katana with both hands, it looked almost similar to a samurai in almost every way, however, it seemed almost incomplete with its somewhat faded body and flickering form.  Damond was shocked by the size and intimidating presence it gave off, “Oh shit! Fuck this I'm out!" The monster looked at him and was about to swing its sword, damond drop his stuff and pulled out his new Uzi with ammo in hand, he quickly loaded his gun but dropped a few bullets in fear for his life. Damond quickly backed away to the left side and begun firing away, the monster slowly walked towards him swinging as if it were blind, the bullets barely dented its armor and scratched its skin, as he fired the creature slowly boxed damond into a dead end. Damond kept shooting until he was out; he emptied the clip, “fuck me! Shit now what!?" he shouted in fear. Damond was against a fence and nowhere to run. The monster said with a shaking static tone, “You can't be allowed to live." Damond was paralyzed with fear unable to move and said, "What are you and what are you talking about!?" at this moment the neighborhood was awoken by the shots fired and several people called the police. The monster kept quiet and slashed right at him, however, the sword was stopped right at his face by an unknown force and damond stared wide eyed left perplexed, "Wait what?" and his phone shined strangely giving off a type of distortion in the air around him. The monster screamed in frustration, “Damned angels! Why do you interfere?" And after that short sentence he vanished into a strange warp that appeared from the phones light. Damond was puzzled by the whole chain of events "What the fuck just happened? Was that real and what angels? I'm telling everyone tomorrow." Eventually a group of police pulled up in his drive way to see what the complaints were about, they asked several questions and damond even told the truth, the cops left it as another crazy person claiming to see the monsters like many others before him, he was assumed to be traumatized by the global incident from many years ago and was told to think about seeking help. After that crazy event, damond went inside and got ready to sleep, then took one last look at his phone “I’m not calling that number again." then blocks it. But for some reason an error occurred saying “This number does not exist." damond was so confused and tired “Fuck it I'll show them this too. Yeah right like I’m crazy, tch, tell that to the community on monster report.” He then goes to sleep with his pistol by his side.

2- Destiny unfolds: The next day, Jun and damond were home and they both had been online talking about what happened yesterday, they were both looking for anything that was related to this but found nothing. Damond typed “Well this sucks! Four hours and nothing...what if we call the number?" Jun replied “Uhm, I don’t know? What if a monster comes out again?" They both were skeptical about the phone, damond replied "Well it’s daytime so maybe it won't do anything?" Jun then typed “You can, but I'm not. I'll try connecting my phone to the computer and see if anything happens." Damond called the number, but this time there was no answer, instead he received a picture text and it was a picture of a government site. Damond typed "Ok, now I'm freaked the fuck out." He sends the picture through his phone application of monster report to Jun, since he was too lazy to connect his phone to his computer. She was surprised and worried “Wow, ok? So a government web site is our answer, but how?" Suddenly her phone reacted to the image on the screen and started controlling her computer, all these search results and strange images were flashing by. Jun was unsure what to think and tried moving the mouse, but it had no effect. "Great now my computers fucked!" She thought. She pulls out the usb cable, out of frustration and it stops on a government site asking for a pass code. "Jun, you still their?" damond typed. "Uhm yeah, some crazy shit happened... My phone controlled my computer after you sent that picture, now it’s on a government site asking for a pass word?" She replied. Damond became paranoid and typed "Wow just exit that, it’s too risky. We'll get in deep shit, if anything you should ask toshi for help." Jun replied “Yeah, hm, I'll text him now.” Jun removes her phone from the usb and texts toshi saying “When you get off work me and damond got some really crazy stuff to show you! Apparently we got into a government site…we’ll explain everything when you get online.” After that text was sent toshi had already been walking out the door of com guys, toshi feels his phone vibrate and sees the message, “This sounds way out there?” he said to himself after reading it. He replies with “Ok, I’ll be on in twenty minutes!” Toshi straps on a helmet and grabs his bike decorated with anime and video game art, and he rides off into the crowded streets of japan with great anticipation of something big. Jun told damond “It’s going to be a twenty minute wait.” Damond replied “Cool, I can wait.”

2-2: As toshi arrives home, his phone gets a message again from that unknown number saying "Time draws near." Toshi thinks “These weird ass messages don’t surprise me anymore.” He goes inside and fires up his computer. He logs into monster report and joins Jun & damonds chat, they tell him everything about the texts, damonds call and encounter, they catch him up on everything. Toshi types “Wow you guys had a lot going on." She replied “God, let's just get this over with." Damond typed "Yeah what the fuck is going on here?" Toshi questioned “So you said the monster said something about angel’s right?" Damond replied "Yup, then it got stopped and vanished." Jun voiced her opinion "Maybe we were chosen by something? Why else would it want to kill you, plus these messages we keep getting. You don't think it’s too out there guys, or is it me?" Toshi acknowledged her and questioned "Possibly, but this government site, how did you find it again?" Damond jumped to the point "Damn it! Just put your phone into the computers usb port and I'll send you the picture of the site! It worked before so why not now." Jun laughed and typed “Ok, calm down dude ha-ha. Do it toshi and show us what's up." Toshi gets the pic on his computer and connects his phone, at first nothing happened, toshi responded shortly after "Uhm guys? Nothing happened... Are y'all playing a joke?" Both Jun & damond typed "No! Just wait!" Toshi waits about three minutes and then his computer suddenly does exactly what Jun said hers did. Toshi was surprised and excited thinking "Is it really possible? They must be real!" After waiting a bit, he pulls out the usb and it stops on a government site, toshi types “Guys it worked, but first off this is a fake government site it just looks like one. That’s odd?" Damond replied "Uhm ok? Can you get in?" Jun typed "Yeah hurry up! We want know what these messages and weird crap is about." Toshi replied "Ok, ok. Just give me a bit." Toshi then sets up a fake IP address and takes other security measures. He then runs a program to help crack the code. Toshi types "Alright guys I'm in!" Jun replied "Yay!" damond complimented with "Good shit!" Toshi browses the site for anything related to monsters or myths, after a quick look he sees a link named “Security cam gate” Toshi thinks "So a what?" He clicks on it and sees six soldiers watching a wall of all things, toshi turns his computers web cam on and faces it on his screen. Jun & damond saw through the chat. Jun typed "Ok a wall really? Ha-ha, what a joke." Damond typed a mocking sentence “They get paid for this? Ha, I want that job!" Toshi speaks through the web cam "Ha-ha it is a fake site after all." Then suddenly there laughs were silenced, a hole opens up with other soldiers running out of it, their all shooting into it too. The three stare in suspense and fear of the tense moment, then there it was. A few monsters came out killing some of the men. Damond responded “Holy shit this is fucked up!" Jun replied as well "Oh my god, is this really happening!?" Then all three of their phones got a message saying “Insert into usb for help." They all looked in confusion and horror unable to decide what to do, then a chat box abruptly pops up on Toshi’s screen saying “shows over" He is kicked out of the site with only that image in his head as well are jun & damond. After processing what just happened, toshi says “So what now guys? Do we forget about it or put our phones in?" Damond types "Hell man I don’t know? What if we end up like them, plus this shit probably is a hoax?" Jun replied "Jeez let's just give up on this whole monster thing. I think we’re getting to deep into this." Toshi sighed and reassured them "Hey we wanted to know, so I say why not? And damond, you made monster report for a reason right?" Damond replied "Ha, I guess so. Plus I could use an interesting story." Jun responded in agreement "Well I guess we won't know till we try." Toshi jumps out of his seat saying "Alright guys on three!" He counts down and they put their usb cables into their computers and phones, this time a strange warp opens in all three of their computers. A loud noble voice is heard from the distortion in space "Digi destined, do you accept your burden of two worlds and the life's that come with it?" Each of them asked “Who are you and what do you want?” Two more powerful voices responded in unison with the first "We are the digital angels and we are asking you three to help save our and your people. A man in your world has disturbed the relations between us and plans to enslave our people. You three are our hope and so are many selected others, please help us to help you." Toshi’s carefree mind led him to a simple answer "Sure I've always wanted this! Now it’s time to see these monsters and see their world. I understand the risk and accept this burden!" Jun heard toshi through his web cam still on and said “Wow this is crazy. I have no reason to go, but maybe I should....someone has to look after toshi and I'd hate to lose a friend. Then again I would like to know what happened that day. I agree, even though this is probably the dumbest decision of my life!” Damond had his own goals and reasons, he replied to the angels saying "You've got to be kidding me! Let's see, an exciting adventure and big news story or boring job with a boring town? Fuck it I'm in!" The angels responded in a relived tone "Thank you chosen ones, but before you enter take what you may need. It may be awhile until you’re able to get back home, take into consideration the risks as well." Toshi grabs a lab top and charger then jumps in excitingly, Jun grabs a backpack and puts her karate uniform and a few drinks and snacks into it, along with brass knuckles. She then goes into the warp. Damond grabs his pistol and rifle along with his Uzi, and then packs some ammo in a large bag along with a camera for his job. He places it into a case with a charger and then stuffs it into his bag. He then leaps into his computer screen.

2-3: The gates closes behind them and our heroes are falling through cyber space. They see data, numbers, videos, links, and other web related material. As they fall through a strange light engulfs them and they are now together in a white void. The three angel’s cherubimon, Ophanimon, and seraphimon appear before them. “We are the angels that chose you humans. Please accept this gift before entering our world." Each angel holds out its hand and a small device rested in each hand, Jun questioned "Uhm, what is that?" Ophanimon answered "It’s a digivice used to connect you with your partners and allows you to strengthen them. It may save your life one day. It has other uses as well." Damond replied but was abruptly interfered "Ok so what's..." Seraphimon quickly intervened "Do not worry chosen one's, you'll find your answers in time." Toshi asked "So you can't tell us more?" Cherubimon answered "Sorry, but our lord wishes to test you all." After that they each reach for their digivice and the field vanishes with only one last sentence heard "Digi destined, we will pray for your success. Do not lose faith in yourselves or in one another." After that, the three fell through a gate to another world. They came falling like shooting stars towards the digital world’s surface.
Digi destined introduction. (read descriptions)
This is, yes a fan fiction of made up characters in the digimon universe. Not any universe already made, but more of my own based off the digimon lore and wiki. This is for practice and i know i lack in areas, but would love feed back. this is going to be directed at a mature or adult audience. As said before in my other uploads and descriptions. 
The world’s power fall and the civilizations are ravaged by their own desires for evolution. An unknown plague was spread unto humanity and the earth’s animals, insects, micro-organisms and all alike; however, not every single living being was “infected”, this plague was unable to spread its influence due to the global incident that spared the world of total submission and all alive were to be like that of a hive. Saved by unknown people and unmentioned creatures, that are now forgotten and erased from almost every mind. The controller forced all leaders through a type of brainwashing, to commit mass suicide and many bright minds as well were doomed to the same fate along with destruction to all research and history. Anything stored or written down was massively annihilated as well. Very little of our world and its peoples history and memories were saved, the only thing we have left is our ruined, pathetic cities and homes. We are only left with little to no understanding of ourselves and the once great human civilization. We can only try to re-learn and understand everything again, but will things be better this time? Will we learn to hate, will we learn to destroy, will we learn to manipulate, will we segregate, will we enslave, will we commit heinous acts, or will we degenerate? The new world waits with the threat of its new inhabitants as well. We do not know what they are, but will try to learn of them and what this infection is on our people. Mainly found in the new generation of children and other living organisms, this caused panic and isolation in many. We threw our own children out into the streets; we experimented and killed them out of sport, and for what? The infected orphans wonder night and day, inside and outside of our so called towns; what a joke of a civilization and its “new beginning”.

Not only do fight amongst ourselves again, we are also threatened by many unknown monstrous beings. We don’t know what they look like yet or have yet to capture and kill one, but we have all seen the three different colored eyes of each unknown species. Some have green, emerald colored eyes, as if staring into a shiny emerald itself. We can’t describe an appearance, because anyone that got close enough was killed or taken away, most likely dead too. The second color was purple like that of an amethyst, while the third color was oddly white like a diamond. The socket seemed to be embedded or encrusted with a pair of jewel like eyes, as the pupils were many too. A rumor of a black eye is said to be seen but not proven, but was said to be small or maybe even a young one. Yet we still can’t explain its appearance, humans got a long way to go. The only explainable creature was a large insect like a heavily deformed or mutated butterfly…. Laugh now, but you won’t be laughing at how they destroyed one of the towns and most of its people. The swarm spread a type of paralytic pollen, the wings span at countless feet, not only that the wings had many feeler like spines on them that wiggled around. The wings were strong enough to smash buildings and block what little fire power the town had, these things even had a long proboscis that hanged from its odd small maw. The maw or mouth had feelers in it as well. The way they fed was bizarre; they sucked the life out of people’s bodies. The same thing happened when it caught people on its wriggling feelers on the wings. The body was deformed beyond recognition; they seemed to be capable of walking and running on their pincer like legs that crushed any below it. They had no arms of course, but the bodies were tough enough to withstand explosives. An odd swarm of abominable butterflies is it not? They all had the purple amethyst like eyes. The abdomen was the only normal thing on them, except they had sharp spikes on them for protection, they could even shoot these spikes at its prey, and these spikes like razor stingers could cause hallucinations as well. If unfortunate enough, it could launch and inner spine from its abdomen that was filled with eggs. That was the only recorded monster with more needed research.
                                Other monsters and species 1
A hatchling is very frail and vulnerable to others; it takes eight years for this specific type to be fully grown and to be of age for mating its six. It has a reptilian appearance such as scales, a tail that is very thick like heavy armor that can club enemies; the eyes are like all other creatures and like any other the color of their eyes can vary; its arms are like a dinosaurs or sometimes a dragons, anything related to lizards or other reptiles as well; the claws can vary in shape and size or have only a single finger on it to unknown numbers. They have a strange incision on the palm that can excrete an unknown chemical or scent; its body temperature changes at will and can be used for various things. It’s under body along with the whole limbs of it are only affected by the temperature change. The top exterior is well armored when mature enough at the age of three; the claws are also well developed as are its legs. The legs are a moderate size compared to the rest of the body; however, the legs are armored on the back as well; the open clawed feet usually have three to five toes that are placed specifically to let this creature grab anything or defend itself with. It is rare to see some grow wings; sometimes they develop fins or gills as well. This creature seems very adaptive to its environment which most likely affects its overall features; the tail often develops or mutates into a sharp blade like an axe. The scales and skin have an odd look to them, like that of an alien or sci-fi creature; the hatchlings are all born with the ability to camouflage due to the color changing scales and skin and it can even be used as a signal or communication. Many lose this feature at the age of two, since it should be capable of running or fighting off others, rarely they can keep this through their whole life. The hatchlings are easy prey due to that being the only defense along with its very thin armored hide; hatchlings will lack many features until two years old, but their main features that let them stand out will not show until six years. There are many possibilities with this species and many mixed breeds can be overwhelming when thought of. Spines, horns, frills, and many mutations can and will occur. Who knows they may even develop bladed arms and such.
The parents will protect watch and teach them as they grow, however some may refuse them based on the color the eyes. Some hatchlings inherit the color while some are born as the black eyed; the black eyed are to be watched until the age of two, but if no color or similar color is shown, then they will abandon it to fend for itself. The parents usually leave their offspring after the age of six because they will be ready to start their own, but it is not always like that. It all varies.
There as an age, if reached they will develop an elder like feature, showing that it has been alive past the average span. They can grow horns, beards, large and sharp bladed areas along with a much more intimidating size. They will not grow horns, beards, or special bladed parts until this is reached, with very few exceptions. The age that most die are at ten years, but if they live past those then chances are it can become an elder at the age of twelve. This is the last phase of its evolution that can give it a sometimes celestial appearance or a more monstrous appearance. They can even speak all languages ever recorded and can have great influence over its own kind, sort of like a pack or an organized army.

The color of eyes and meaning

The black eyed are blind and innocent to their surroundings, when born like this they are usually more timid and vulnerable than the others. If the eyes never shine a colored light then it will forever live in fear and isolation, it will usually take two years for a glow, but if a light is not shone then it will be forsaken by its own. Failing to show any allegiance is the worst case for any creature, since it will be looked down on and always shun by all. Even if it fails to shine at two, it can still shine within a yearly time frame but it does not mean it will happen. Abandon like the infected children. The black eyed ones can be doomed to live out of sight, meaning they will hide and run for most of their life. The black eyed ones are very unique though, do not mistake them for cowards or unnecessary. They too have elders of each species, which plan to do something beyond the others understandings. Just because they run and hide it does not mean they will not or can’t fight. They will attempt to change the way the others see things. If a black eyed becomes it’s of age state, then it will no longer cower in fear or be weak; its eyes may never shine at that age but it will most likely not matter to it. They will fight for whatever reason it is given, they will strive to rise over those that looked down on them. It will eventually grow its own specific perspective on the world around it. The elders await those to seek out the meaning behind their own existence, but this rare occasion is not yet known.                      
The emerald eyed is usually a peace keeper or try to avoid unnecessary conflicts that arise. They live to thrive and expand its species, but it does not mean it will ignore all battles or run and hide. They will fight for necessary gain and survival or if angered or targeted for any reason. They pity the black eyed ones but will not help them, since it will mark them for exile of the group or even death. Black eyed ones are not allowed in the group like the others. There is an elder in every species and eye color, but they will not always cooperate with them just because of the color or species. It all depends if the reasons behind it are necessary or for the overall survival.

The amethyst eyed is usually more aggressive and bent on fighting. Kind of the opposite of the emerald eyed ones. These ones love to hunt, kill, fight, and try to mark their own territory with the blood of its prey and its own scent. Markings of the species are always different, say a reptile like one came and claimed its territory; it would leave maybe claw marks or corpses killed in specific ways such as acid. Maybe leave a toxin in the area that only its species can stand. The elder of these colored eyes are driven by blood lust or hate and anger. They have urges that can only be quenched by blood and combat. They often prey on the black eyed ones since it is an outcast, but there are times where they will adopt or abduct them from other parents or in the wild. They target them due to great weakness and the possibility of influencing them to become an amethyst eyed. If they fail to show signs of change then the black eyed one will be kept as a slave.  

The diamond eyed is usually in between the others. They serve as a scale to all species and colors, think of them as nature’s judge, jury, and executioner. They tend to keep the balance of all and try to keep one from overrunning another; say one species is overpopulated, if that happens then they will thin out the numbers if possible, even if it’s their own. The elders will decide who, what, when, where, and why. They act as a defender of the weak and an opposition of the over powering. They will defend the black eyed ones if around, but will not accept them, unless they were liberated from the amethyst eyed ones which are seen as a great threat to all. They feel sympathy towards the abducted and abused black eyed ones that are captured by the amethyst eyed ones. The diamond eyed ones tend to travel often and patrol areas for anything out of line or overpopulated, but they like the others have their own territory and home. They usually trespass for the necessary reasons of balance in nature, but only come in peace if not threatened. Though they are seeking control of nature’s numbers, they are seen by the other colored ones as executioners. Most will not submit life, since survival runs in us all. They only hunt those that overpopulate the areas, meaning they are very observant of the world around them and plan very carefully.
degeneration notes 1 (explaination)
This has some of the ideas and explanations of several monsters and the world the people live in. it also shows some history to build upon and gives several hints. I'll share bits and pieces of ideas or notes, but not the actual story until i decide to make it or feel its done right. not everything is in stone either.
Since berserkers are not allowed to use spells but can conjure weapons, this one reason lead to the desire for greater power along with more inhuman strength. The berserkers were already a power seeking tribe, but some went against the old codes and found the more seductive side of rituals, arcane and blood magic tempting. Even if it costed them their soul, life, mind, body and will power. They are “blessed” by their “gods” and possessed or cursed in ways that are unfathomable to many. Even of the magic they gained was only imitations or less, it was more than enough to satisfy.

Weapons are the traditional ones, but with quite a few twist and modifications. Like their old ways they prefer heavy weapons like the great sword or axe and so on, also the single handed light weapons if desired. So when they pledge their allegiance to these so called gods, the person must be able to see these beings and withstand the sight and whispers of them and the path before meeting them. As explained before, but if you don’t remember then go reread it. The weapons they use will be possessed by the ones they kill and so will their armor. The weapon can sometimes act on its own or be controlled by the soulzerker if skilled enough; the soulzerkers usually modify their weapons as well, say the great sword is not meeting the wielders combat desires. They will take forging it into their own hands and create things odd to unique; the great sword is usually slow but powerful and has range, so the wielder will try and improve upon the weakness, for example, the great sword is just a giant single thick blade, so how would you improve it? A crazy mind is a dangerous one; the maker of this new great sword placed two of the same medium long swords together, forming a great sword, but left the two handles with small space in between the handles to show it’s not a single blade, then installed a switch on both handles that must be pressed at once to release the lock on the two blades. If done correctly the lock releases the two large blades and now you have two swords in each hand with bearable weight, compared to the large heavy blade you just swung. It’s a simple design that can help you quickly adapt to the situation and throw the opponents off, maybe catch them off guard in a clash or mid attack. For a great axe it could be the same common and simple design, but the axe would have another unique choice between this simple one and an odder one; the odd one would be a long dual blade axe connected by a metal handle in the center of the two, one double headed blade on the front as normally and then one on the opposite end, this would require great skill and strength to wield, this is a good choice for crowd control and if your good with modifying weapons then you could install the simple design as well. Basically a double bladed dual axe with a function that splits the handle thus allowing you to use the two large axes in each hand, but this could cause you to tire yourself out fast. Only recommend for the over physically fit. There are more but this is all for now.
Possessed equipment will gain power by feeding off souls and blood, but if they become to overrun with souls they will shatter or become a spirit, ghost or possessed set of walking gear. Not only will you lose your gear and souls, but they will want vengeance for feeding off of them and killing them. The blood will be their blood and give them a physical form in which to live as a spirit of vengeance and grudge; they will gain almost eighty percent of their soulzerkers power as well, but will not steal it only copy it. Blood and souls can be distributed at will from the gear or the soulzerker, if they wish to use their gear as a reserve or empower it, it is up to them. When empowering your gear like this, you must be ready to see many memories and visions of the fallen, it can cause enough strain on the mind causing the soulzerker to go insane or temporarily be unable to distinguish reality from unreality. If you cannot distinguish the two when you awaken from the meditation of empowerment, then you will see and hear things that aren’t there. It’s usually temporary, in rare cases permanent. Some effects from this empowerment to the equipment can lower the damage taken from many different types of attacks and magic, but only to an extent will the armor last as would the powers of the soulzerker. The weapons can penetrate most things that they were unable to, along with a mind of its own and a spiritual connection to the owner; it can be enchanted with strange power that causes the damaged enemies blood to boil. Maybe even inflict internal wounds instead of external. Great power has a great cost of course, this will cause immense stress on the soulzerkers mind and cost heavily in blood, think of it as one of many last resorts or aces in the hole.

Soulzerkers runes and staffs; runes are etched on all equipment and a staff can be used in many magical ceremony’s to others. Though a staff is not required, but is favored by the soulzerkers that seek greater mental and magical abilities to control souls and offer blood as appeasement to their gods. The blood can even form weapons and conjure a helping hand from the false gods they worship, a great sacrifice is a must if you conjure up demons and falsely created gods. They pray daily to them and offer daily, hoping to become a false one as the ones created by their own avarice. Though the spells are imitations they can defend themselves from the unseen and spiritual attacks way more than a normal soulzerker ever could; the abominable gods favor those that worship and act upon it daily, the runes channel not only a soulzerkers gods power, but give them blessings according to their offerings and actions. Which is why some choose to seek this mystical path; instead of the common path of fighting, spilling blood and collecting souls. All soulzerkers bear the same burden and carry the runes of their chosen god; the only difference is in how they choose to worship and appease them. Same could be said in how they choose to battle and which abilities they seek to use. A staff would be to inconvenient for any soulzerker, so they add blades or implicate designs related to weapons that they are better versed in. Say the common staff is modified; they take what is needed from the staff that enchants the mystical and empowers the mentality of the wielder; a hammer for example, would be installed with the staff or catalysts materials it was made from, but this would require the hammer or weapon of choice to suffer power loss physically. However, you would be able to use mental abilities quicker than others and control your sanity or souls with less stress. Your mental abilities would surpass many even a mage would quake in fear, but the results will not show unless you strictly discipline yourself to follow this path; meaning you would give up inhuman physical abilities for an overwhelming mental power and lose your humanity and its appearance. You will have enough physical strength to fend off the weak or the unskilled and your reflexes will remain intact, but don’t expect to return to your old ways of fighting, since you would be easily be overpowered by a soulzerker with great physical feats or above average.

Shields can be possessed and so on like the weapons. Though a shield can be enhanced to take extreme punishment unlike armor, it can even deflect weak projectiles and spells and nothing more. Some add upon the shield such as mechanisms that erect a blade or eject projectiles like bullets and arrows. The more bizarre reasoning behind it being that some will only wield a shield or two as a trick weapon maybe even great shields for a more…unique style in battle. The shield can be extremely powerful for defending if using this unique style, but don’t be fooled by the laughable style. These odd soulzerkers focus on throwing your own power against you and they use little of the three main energies. They also implicate their own combat style when up close; the tricky style will of course rely heavily on defending but use the trick modifications to sneak in a dirty blow. This simple and effective style will require patience and discipline; as for the use of the soulzerkers actual power…the only strenuous one being is deflecting heavy or overpowering blows and spells. They focus on skill in the art of trickery, but will use the inhuman physical abilities if needed or pushed to do so. The other mental and heavily burdened ability is using the mind’s eye and sharp reflexes to anticipate oncoming attacks or spells; they use a combination of all three blood, souls, and sanity. That is why they will only resort to unnatural power if needed. The mind crushing power to read anything that is thrown at you will take a toll; the control of souls and mystical to deflect anything fired upon you is godly; the rushing blood through your body will sharpen your reactions; so only rely on those alone unless it’s necessary to use the soulzerkers overwhelming combination of the three.

All soulzerkers must pay in soul, sanity, blood or a mix of all three if required. All soulzerkers will begin to lose their human appearance and come closer to the form of those they serve.
soulzerker combat abilities (incomplete)
That soulzerker idea thing i had. i based them off the berserkers obviously, but added a odd twist to the whole thing. This is just some what of the idea i had and some inspiration may be see-able if you've played certain games. dungeons and spiders, dragon there may be errors and other things because this is just notes and ideas for later so whatever.
when you have a lot of ideas for creating different stories or character and monsters, but can't decide which to stick too. Probably swap between the three when i get bored of one and come back to them. Then writing random things out can be there, somewhere too.
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